[Music] Wizkid - No Stress
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Wizkid - No Stress

Wizkid No Stress Mp3

Nigerian Music Legend, Wizkid, comes through as he presents a brand new single titled "No Stress" Taken off his forthcoming album "Made In Lagos".

The new single "No Stress" comes as the second single off the album which will be released on 15th of October this year.

Listen and Download below.

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Anonymous  (Jan 08) 
I like the song but starboy should euphemize the words "fuck","suck" we had had enough immoralities,stop corrupting the minds of the young ones
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Anonymous  (Dec 30, 2020) 
Nice one
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Zee baby  (Dec 07, 2020) 
I love you baby more
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Emmanuel Godwin  (Dec 06, 2020) 
Super dope 👌
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Bboi  (Dec 06, 2020) 
Super Dope
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Badoski  (Dec 03, 2020) 
nice jam abeg
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Mubi rema zohty  (Dec 02, 2020) 
No stress
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Anonymous  (Nov 14, 2020) 
Awesome 😍😍
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Oh kanji  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Ginger me and No stress favorite Yaga 👋
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Anonymous  (Nov 06, 2020) 
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Benjamin  (Nov 05, 2020) 
Star boy you too much
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Anonymous  (Nov 03, 2020) 
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famous  (Nov 03, 2020) 
i like starboy and I like your music
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Gideon  (Nov 02, 2020) 
Starboi 🦅🦅🦅
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Raphael  (Nov 02, 2020) 
Made in lagos the best album of all times
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Oladipo Akinlolu  (Oct 30, 2020) 
No stress all the way,#madeinlagos loud gan
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Chris  (Oct 30, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Oct 30, 2020) 
Wizard Greece
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OPTOM  (Oct 30, 2020) 
The best
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Famous  (Oct 30, 2020) 
This most be a hit
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Samson  (Oct 30, 2020) 
For me WizKids na blessing to African 😍
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Wale  (Oct 30, 2020) 
Why is the artwork different?
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Patrick  (Oct 25, 2020) 
Great album love your music!!!
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King ucee  (Oct 23, 2020) 
I love u star boi i always like ur music
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Mubasco  (Oct 20, 2020) 
Star boi i always love ur music
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Paramount  (Oct 12, 2020) 
Star boi for life..can't wait to buy my own copy...
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Anonymous  (Sep 24, 2020) 
I want to be apart of your music industry starboy
Sign me
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Quadri salau  (Sep 23, 2020) 
Love u wizkid
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Amos  (Sep 23, 2020) 
Made in Lagos is nothing to be compared with Twis As tall
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Ajely  (Sep 26, 2020) 
Ooh reall? 😂
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Anonymous  (Nov 25, 2020) 
For your mind sha
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Haanahhh  (Sep 21, 2020) 
To all the people rosting WizKid do you have the money he has?he is there enjoying is lyf and money and u people here are using data you suffer to buy to insult him.All of you don't have sense let us here the one you can form.My WizKid doesn't f***in care abt any one shading him he will keep getting more money in his account and he is still the king of African music and here you are thinking of how you will pay your house rent while WizKid is living in a mansion,u are here planning on how you eat while WizKid eats whatever he feels lyk eating you don't have even 1 single car while WizKid has a collection of expensive cars,if u like waste your 400 naira data and be shading a billionaire like WizKid Ur not making him feel bad you are making him a better star.
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Anonymous  (Sep 21, 2020) 
That's true
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Anonymous  (Sep 24, 2020) 
You make sense
I like your comments
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Wizjones S t a r b o y  (Oct 06, 2020) 
Tell them...😁😁
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Anonymous  (Nov 04, 2020) 
True talk
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Dizkid  (Sep 20, 2020) 
I love❤ it's
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Anonymous  (Sep 20, 2020) 
Wizkid na Africa legend wey dey keep the vibe on 🔥 I love Wizkid more than any artist
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Sammy prada  (Oct 06, 2020) 
Wizzy all the way❤️❤️
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Don Demmy  (Sep 20, 2020) 
Machala drop another banger it's a lit
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Anonymous  (Sep 20, 2020) 
No stress, daddy yo something🙌✌️
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Anonymous  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Meeeeehn..... Trust me ah love him but this recent new songs know go down well.... # Don't come and attack me under my post, it's my opinion🙄
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Mukc the rebel  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Nice track
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Gowies  (Sep 18, 2020) 
This song na trash 🚮🚮🚮
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Q  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Who con beg you to listen to it
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Anonymous  (Sep 20, 2020) 
Na mumu him be
like like  Reply 13679 reply 1 like
Berry boy  (Sep 21, 2020) 
Sing your own let's see rubbish
like like  Reply 13757 reply 1 like
Mesh  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Baba keep d good work wizzy music 2 the world
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Kilex  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Blessed up legend
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T-wîd  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Wizkid is d best, we all knw dat
Always giving us good vibes
4 all those pipu dah dnt lyk dis sound
Plss wizzy is nt a noice maker
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Wizkid  (Sep 18, 2020) 
Respect to the legend
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Greatness  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Macha last
Big ups man
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Gracia  (Sep 17, 2020) 
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Chumzy  (Sep 17, 2020) 
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Dedoncity  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Get lose bitch
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ODOGWU  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Your brain is the old shit here.
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Binotubo Eucharia  (Sep 17, 2020) 
No stress
Nice one king ❤️👑
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Young milli  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Who nor like this Jam get Big Stress
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Dedoncity  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Hahaha 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
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Wizziwizzo  (Oct 06, 2020) 
I swear
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SKIBROWN  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Star böy your our hope for music as an upcoming artist we need to copy from you give us the best vibes
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Freeman  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Wizzy na fire 💥 I love this Vibe i swear
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Benny dutch  (Sep 17, 2020) 
I really love dis song💯💯 believe me,his just the best aswears
King star boy✌✌💯
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Slimchizy  (Sep 17, 2020) 
Star boy wiz nice song
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