Yeni Kuti shares reasons for not divorcing husband over infidelity
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Media personality Yeni Kuti recently opened up about her perspective on infidelity within a marriage, sharing her reasons for not considering divorce if her husband were to cheat. During a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, Yeni Kuti expressed that different opinions exist regarding the issue of cheating spouses in marriages.

Yeni Kuti stated that despite the common belief that a woman should seek divorce in the face of her husband's infidelity, she holds a different view. Drawing inspiration from her own family background, she mentioned that her father had married 27 wives, yet her mother never chose to seek divorce or leave the marriage. Taking this into account, Yeni Kuti expressed her conviction that she wouldn't divorce her husband for cheating, questioning why she would choose to end her marriage over one woman when her mother remained committed to her own marriage.

Yeni Kuti's stance on the matter sheds light on the diverse perspectives individuals hold concerning fidelity in relationships. She acknowledges that her decision may not align with the choices others make, emphasizing the importance of avoiding judgment and recognizing the unique dynamics within each relationship.

The revelation made by Yeni Kuti during her interview serves as a reminder that personal experiences, family backgrounds, and individual beliefs shape one's perception of marriage and infidelity. By sharing her perspective, she contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding the complexities of relationships and the diverse approaches people adopt when faced with challenges such as cheating.