Woman assaults friend for marrying her ex during their wedding
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One video that has been circulating on social media, particularly on Instagram from the account YabaLeftOnline, shows a disturbing incident that occurred at a wedding ceremony in a Northern state of Nigeria. According to reports, a woman attacked her best friend for marrying her husband during the wedding ceremony.

The custom in Northern Nigeria dictates that when a new wife enters the family, she must greet the older wife and seek her blessing. However, in this case, the older wife was incensed at her friend for agreeing to become her husband’s second wife and proceeded to attack her in front of their guests. The video captures the moment when the older wife lunged at her friend and began hitting her.

The reason for the attack was allegedly due to the fact that the first wife supported her husband with her inheritance from her father, and together they invested in his business, which ultimately became successful. They also built houses and bought properties together. The husband then decided to take her best friend as his second wife, which infuriated the first wife, causing her to lose control of her emotions at the wedding.

This incident has sparked outrage among Nigerians who have expressed their shock and disgust at the level of betrayal and violence displayed at the wedding ceremony. It also highlights the controversial issue of polygamy in Nigeria, which is legal in some parts of the country but is still viewed by many as a violation of women's rights.