Wife in trouble as boyfriend refuses to repay the N15M loan she gave him
Posted by badgeBusayo on 1

A wife [/b]finds herself in a predicament as her boyfriend refuses to repay the N15M loan she gave him, which was initially intended by her husband to purchase a car for his parents and start a business for his mother in the village.

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According to her account on an anonymous platform, her husband, who has been abroad for three years, entrusted her with N15M to buy a car for his parents and establish a business for his mother to transition from farming. However, her boyfriend, with whom she was still romantically involved, requested a loan for his business, promising to repay within six months.

Regrettably, despite the extended period of over two years, the boyfriend has failed to fulfill his promise and return the money. With her husband's imminent return in the first week of June, the wife is anxious about the consequences of her actions. She fears exposing the situation to her husband, as it could jeopardize their relationship and tarnish her reputation. Additionally, she acknowledges neglecting her in-laws' welfare and deceiving her husband about the allocation of the funds meant for them.

Feeling trapped between her loyalty to her husband and the pressure from her boyfriend, the wife seeks advice on how to address the situation discreetly and ensure the well-being of her family relationships.

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