Video of 2 UNICAL students having fun in night class creates a buzz
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Nigerian man shared a side-splitting video capturing two University of Calabar (UNICAL) students having fun during a supposed night class session.

The viral video has left netizens in stitches and sparked a wave of amusement across social media platforms.

In the video, @Silva_Unusual secretly recorded two UNICAL students who seemed to be doing something entirely different from studying during their late-night class.

Despite being in a night class, these two students didn’t have any books or study materials, which left onlookers puzzled.

The funny scene started with the students snacking and casually munching on food as they shared a moment.

Before long, their activities took an interesting turn as they switched from snacking to scrolling through TikTok videos together.

Their body language and interactions started to resemble that of a couple, adding to the hilarity of the situation.

@Silva_Unusual continued to capture this unfolding absurdity, making it clear that studying was the last thing on their minds.

The peak of the video came when both the male and female students, seemingly unconcerned about their academics, got so tired that they fell asleep.

What really had @Silva_Unusual laughing uncontrollably was how the pair skillfully switched sleeping positions.

This unexpected twist in their night class adventure has brought laughter to the online community, with netizens sharing the video and leaving comments filled with amusement.