Thrifty clothes seller rejoices as she buys a new freezer and generator, declaring, "Okirika has done it again"
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An entrepreneur joyfully shares her success story online, proudly unveiling a brand new standing freezer and generator obtained through her thriving online thrift clothes business.

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Taking to her social media, she expressed her excitement while unboxing the newly acquired appliances, emphasizing that her Okirika business made these purchases possible.


Thrift clothes seller.

The entrepreneur conveyed her gratitude, stating, “Okirika has done it again. Congratulations 2 me, it’s a freezer and generator for me.”

Reactions from well-wishers flooded in:


tees_luxury0 remarked: “Congratulations dear, I pray my business will do the same for me... more winning to you”

Fife-thrift store 🛍🛍 commented: “Congratulations, mine is coming soon 🙏”

Nma_Treat🥰 wrote: “Congratulations, I tap from your blessings 😩❤️”

Nifalove10❣️ said: “Congratulations dear, please how much is the generator?”

Ubanese commented: “You are showing your enemies generator and freezer, okay ooh”

Watch the celebratory video below …


Im xoooo happy congratulations to me🔥💃🔥🔥💃

♬ Bless my hustle – Zico