“They aren’t good life partners and don’t even meet my standards” – Lady blast Nigerian men
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A Twitter user identified as @makispoke has issued out a dose of criticism on Nigerian men as she accused them of not being good life partners, talk more of meeting the standards she desires in any man.

In a series of tweets, the lady questioned the value a Nigerian man can actually add to a woman’s life and summed up that basically they offer nothing, but still demand respect and submission from women.

In her words:

“Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really believe a lot of Nigerian men even make for good lifetime partners, especially when I try to select for the criteria important to me.

They just bring very little of needed use to the table. Everything they usually bring, I already have.

Emotional support & intelligence? Majority don’t have the range.

Financial support? I don’t need it, and I rarely even come across Nigerian men that outearn me.

Domestic labor? Most are intentionally useless.

So what is the value add?

This is one of the reasons it’s much harder to partner with the average male these days. When you realize how little they bring to the table, it starts to feel like you’re doing unnecessary charity. For some man that will still want you to submit? Make it make sense.”

See the tweets below:

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