Student evades allegations of impregnating landlord’s daughter with assistance of juju
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A Nigerian man shares a life-altering experience he encountered as a student when he was accused of impregnating his landlord’s daughter, who is non-verbal.

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Taking to the X platform, user @Nsukka_okpa detailed his friendship with the landlord’s daughter, with whom he shared a special bond under a tree in their compound.

Despite her inability to communicate extensively, they formed a connection and became friends, often spending time together under the tree reading.

However, things took a dramatic turn when he returned from a three-month program and was accused of impregnating the girl, leading to the involvement of a juju practitioner.

Student recounts how juju cleared him of impregnation accusations regarding the landlord’s daughter

“During my third year, I resided off-campus in a rural area away from the hostel and school to focus on improving my CGPA. My landlord had a daughter who was non-verbal. She would sit under our soursop tree, and I began joining her to study, as my friend was often busy playing games.

Despite her silence, I would attempt to engage her in conversation for amusement. One day, I greeted her, and to my surprise, she responded. This became a regular occurrence, and she would even share soursops with me after lectures, although she never consumed any herself.

After returning from a three-month internship, my landlady welcomed me with excitement, and soon, other women from the neighborhood joined in celebrating my return. However, their joy turned to accusations when they assumed I had impregnated the landlord’s daughter, leading to a chaotic scene where traditional songs were sung, and I was summoned to explain myself.

Despite my protests, they insisted on consulting a juju practitioner from Enugu Ezike. Feeling compelled to prove my innocence, I agreed to undergo the ritual. After a series of incantations and examinations, the juju man declared me innocent, attributing the pregnancy to another man. From that day on, my relationship with the soursop tree remained untainted by suspicion.”