Speed Darlington ridicules Cubana Chief Priest for using a 'children's school bag'
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Nigerian singer Speed Darlington has taken a jibe at billionaire businessman Cubana Chief Priest for using what he referred to as a 'children's school bag.' The incident occurred when Speed Darlington encountered Cubana Chief Priest at an airport in Owerri, Imo State.

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In a video shared on social media, Speed Darlington focused on the billionaire's bag, criticizing its perceived cheapness despite Cubana Chief Priest's wealth. Speed Darlington proudly showcased his own Louis Vuitton bag worth almost a million naira, highlighting the contrast between their choices.

Speed Darlington records Cubana Chief Priest while carrying a 'children's school bag' at an airport in Owerri. Credit: Gossipmilltv / Instagram.

The video sparked mixed reactions among viewers, with some finding it amusing while others criticized Speed Darlington for being unnecessarily petty.

Reactions to Speed Darlington mocking Cubana Chief Priest

remiopash commented: "That is why you can't be a billionaire. What is wrong in carrying a non-branded backpack?"

bright___r stated: "Speed Darlington is the Igbo version of Portable baby oo."

tosinjuls wrote: "Wealth is not about spending money on luxury brands. It's about being rich after you retire."

ikandilicious opined: "People need to be able to walk freely with Louis Vuitton without thinking they will be kidnapped. Let the man walk freely, nah."

The video captured the attention of online users and sparked a debate about the significance of luxury brands and personal choices in displaying wealth.

Notable US-based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington. Credit: Speeddarlingtontv / Instagram.

Watch the video below …

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