Social media erupts over a video depicting the public humiliation of a generator thief caught in the act
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A young Nigerian man found himself in a harrowing situation when he was publicly humiliated and forced to undress after being caught red-handed stealing a generator. The disturbing incident, captured in a widely circulated video on social media, has garnered significant attention with thousands of likes, views, and shares.

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Young Nigerian publicly shamed for stealing generator.

In the video, the young man is seen pleading for mercy as bystanders, visibly angered by his actions, deliver slaps and beatings. Initially attempting to conceal the stolen generator inside a large sack, he was compelled to remove it upon being caught, enduring further physical retribution.

Despite his pleas, the situation escalated, and he was forced to undress in public. The humiliating ordeal concluded with the young man paraded wearing only his boxers as he walked towards the location from which he stole the generator.

Following the circulation of the video on social media, a plethora of reactions flooded the comment section, reflecting a mix of opinions and emotions from concerned individuals.

Some of the reactions include:

Bola: “Moro wey get level 😂 I like the way you’re playing with him.”

Ibraheem🌸 Jimmy: “Person wey suppose knack and with 2*4 woods that have nail aww on oloriburuku nah so they remove wire for sites.”

Topman: “Abeg beat him wella 😂😂 why you go steal something wey person use his hard earn money buy.”

A GNF: “How much e wan sell am ? Make GOD no put thief for our eyes.”

insulin93: “The first guy wey slap am na Agbero or batter charger.”

Cornerstone: “One more one more my oga give am one more.”

HayWizzyNL: “This why you should fear Yoruba pple 😂😂 Dey told him Dey won’t beat him but they’re actually moroing him.”

Olajare17: “Is not good na maybe is engineering try to confirm before doing all this na and Generator is very expensive now, this is wickedness.”

olawalewale183: “that slap sef don reset his brain.”

bizabiza: “if anything happen to dat guy all of una go go to jail una dey video and dey beat am still post am illiterate people.”

THOBHY: “These supposed kill am😂👨‍🦯na so I turn to person wey no get gen again.”



is it just to survive 😪

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This is really bad 💔#flyppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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We’re following him to the owner of the gen stay safe out there 💔🥲#flyppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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