Single mother left in tears as she's asked to leave by a suitor for bringing her children on their first date
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A single mother of three experiences heartbreak as she is asked to leave by her date after bringing her children to his house for their first meeting. The emotional moment was captured in a video that went viral on social media.

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The single mother shared that they had been communicating online for a while and decided to meet in person. However, the date took an unexpected turn when she arrived with her children, leading to an unpleasant reaction from the man.


In her words, she expressed her distress, saying,


“Guys, I don’t know what to do. The person I have been dating for long and we decided to meet for the first time. He knew I had children and I went with my kids and got angry. He sent me out to leave, and it’s late already.

“He has three rooms and still asked me to leave. Is a single mother not a human or is it a crime to have children? As a single mother, shouldn’t I have a husband or should I throw away my kids? Where do you want me to put my kids.”


Reactions as single mother gets chased out for bringing kids on first date



@topman_tech: “Plsssss fellow African men, where did the orientation that every single mum is a red flag come from? It's unfair, some are very good, they just left a bad marriage or man. Sigh. I pity women.”

@amyshine0: “Look for a single father to date!”

@classic_barbie222: “How can you carry 3 kids to a date??? You sef 👀.”


Watch the video below:


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