Policeman loses cool, fires shot at lady during argument
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In a troubling incident captured on video, a police officer brandished his rifle during a heated argument with a woman. This unsettling encounter took place as the woman and other passengers were stopped by a group of Nigerian policemen at the roadside.

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Tensions escalated during the argument, prompting the officer to cock his gun and aim it close to the ground near the woman. Shockingly, he discharged a shot and proceeded to confront her aggressively while hurling insults.

The video of this incident has garnered significant attention on social media, sparking discussions about police conduct and public safety. Many netizens expressed their concerns and disapproval of the officer's actions, questioning the suitability of individuals with anger issues in the police force.


Watch the video below:

In reaction, obaksolo said: “Chai even after dismissal. I go like meet this officer one on one iswear”

mr_realgram wrote: “Wen seun tear una slap una say na assault so dis one na assugar Abi”

eh_isO2 said: “If any police follow me try this thing omo na to start war 0 because tell me one reason why your fire”

vicki_smiles said: “How will some that has anger issues be in the police force?!!! Just how?!!”

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