Photographer recounts encounter with 16-year-old seeking lingerie shoot for birthday
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Photographer, cause buzz online as he shares shocking experience with a 16 year old girl who wanted a lingerie photoshoot for her birthday.

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The man who is quite famous for his skills narrated how he received an email from the young girl.

She had requested his services to shoot with an underwear like material, famously referred to as lingerie.

However, he didn’t want to be a party to her idea and immediately shut it down.

The photographer.Photo credit: @ Julysveryownn / Twitter.

The girl unrelenting, requested that he hears from her dad who was sure to give the go-ahead for the photoshoot.

Thankfully, the father rejected the girl’s idea for a lingerie photoshoot, agreeing with the photographer to not take such pictures of his little girl.

His tweet reads;

“Had a 16yr old girl email me to do a lingerie shoot for her birthday. I’m not having it. I’m not the one 😭 even was trying to have her dad call me to ok it.

Y’all it’s cool, I just talked to her dad and he shut that down real quick. He didn’t even know what she had said. 😭”

The photographer’s post below