Online buzz ignited by photo of mother passionately kissing son in front of husband on his birthday
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A mother’s [/b]birthday celebration for grown-up son has ignited a wave of mixed reactions after a controversial photo surfaced online.

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The photo which surfaced online has stirred up a frenzy of speculation and debate among netizens.

While some viewers expressed shock and outrage at the intimate gesture between the mother and her grown-up son, others defended it as a display of mother’s affection.

In the photo, the husband can be seen wearing a smile as he gazes at both his wife and their son, seemingly unbothered by the situation unfolding before him.

This nonchalant reaction from the husband has further fueled the controversy surrounding the incident.

Netizens Reactions…

Henney Enitolorunfe said; “This totally indiscipline rubbish.”

Ibrahim Olanrewaju said; “The kind slap I go give am rubbish.”

Hameed Rasheed said; “This is madness, nothing else for you madam than madness.”

Solomon Seun Mercy remarked; “Since Dad is there watching, let me face my business.”

Yemith Olori Abbey said; “Useless mother.”

Odeyale Oluseyi Kayode said; “Madness and taboo.”

Eneojo Obaka said; “That’s the love of a mother.”

Baliqees Ajao said; “Madness of highest order.”

Tayo Ayannuga said; “This is so crazy.”It’s normal to kiss your child but this is too deep. Once your child is matured your romance relationship must be reduced. You can hug and peck not deep kissing like this one, it’s abnormal.

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