Nigerian woman shares best friend's final voice note before he dies from dog bite
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A Nigerian lady has warned people to stay away from dogs after her friend tragically died from a dog bite.

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She shared his final voice note on social media, highlighting the severity of dog bites and the impact it had on her friend's life.

In a video posted on her page on a popular social media platform, the lady revealed her face and expressed how her friend’s untimely death made her realize the critical nature of dog bites and the urgent need for immediate medical attention.

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She also shared an image of her late best friend along with his last WhatsApp voice note recorded from his hospital bed.

In his heartbreaking final message, the late friend informed his family that it might be his last communication with them, expressing his deep love and affection for them in an emotional farewell.

His poignant statement and subsequent passing have garnered significant attention on social media, prompting many to share their thoughts and condolences in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

Juliet: “Rip. But please I want to ask was it because of the dog bite that made him talk that way?”

patriciaomowumi: “OMG, why did he not go to the hospital immediately after the dog bite? Ahh God, I really feel bad.”

Call me faith🫧💐ꨄ♡︎: “Omo, I saw this boy yesterday at the hospital 😭😭😭.”

Melissa: “God, I saw this boy yesterday at Acumen Hospital; his condition was really bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭.”

Mitzi💝✨: “The time he used to make this voice note, you people could have rushed him to the hospital 🥺😭😭, so sad.”

Nancy🥺❤️: “Please, I’m sorry to ask, is it the dog bite that changed his voice like that?”

doyinsolaa0: “He was likely bitten by a dog with rabies. It’s so sad. May his soul rest in peace. But if anyone is ever bitten by a dog, the first thing is to go to the hospital immediately.”

SWT__AISE💕🌸🧸: “For me to buy a dog and keep it in my house, I’d rather buy a lion😭.”

SAMBA: “I swear, a dog bit me on the leg before. All these Aba dogs.”




Still can’t believe he is gone 😭😭😭 please y'all stay away from dogs 😭😭

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