Nigerian lady caught using native charms to bind her boyfriend, Wisdom, and forced to undo the spell
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A beautiful Nigerian lady was publicly exposed tying down her boyfriend, Wisdom, with native charms so he wouldn’t leave her or cheat on her and was eventually forced to untie him.

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This shocking incident was revealed in a fresh video that is now making waves on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady caught using native charms to tie down boyfriend, Wisdom.

In the said video, the lady could be seen comfortably seated on a chair while holding the native charm she used to tie down her boyfriend, Wisdom.

After she was caught, she was made to untie the boyfriend, Wisdom, while also being forced to repeat his name as she untied him, making the entire process quite public and humiliating.

The video, after making its way to social media, attracted the attention of many individuals who have stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts and reactions.

See some reactions below:

Isabella: “Believe me, Wisdom is not free yet. I saw something strange.”

voltage_more_grace: “Stephanie Abeg loose me Abeg.”

Norah: “Na only me and 2 girls never do juju.”

💧🥀🌸*Mammie drip: “Remain one of my friends way them go cast soon inshalla.”

✨Gold: “Ahhh na stick and thread them dey take tie man?? Nai stick dey waste for my compound since.”

Lyton jay: “Nawaooo. Small girl like this dey do juju for person.”

Wendy Ada: “I been dey think say I no fine, so na juju una dey use.”

Preshwinner7: “So na juju una dey use 😂 and una allow me dey face that boy with clear eye.”

Baby: “To think that she’s always talking about people using juju omo.”




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