Mother mistakenly records daughter's death, thinking she was asleep
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A young girl became the center of discussion after a video surfaced, capturing her final moments on earth as she peacefully passed away in her sleep, initially mistaken for simply sleeping.

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According to reports, the heartbreaking footage was recorded by her mother, who believed her daughter was merely sleeping but later discovered the tragic truth of her passing.

Mother records daughter dying, thought she was asleep.

The caption accompanying the video reads: “Last moments captured as she transitions to Allah, though we thought she was going to sleep.”

In the video, the young girl, dressed in baby clothes, is gently laid down by her caretaker. As she closes her eyes and appears to drift off to sleep, it is assumed that she is simply falling asleep.

However, unbeknownst to those present, the innocent child had already peacefully passed away in her sleep.

The video garnered widespread attention after circulating on social media platforms, prompting numerous individuals to share their condolences and thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

filipina 0617: “why what happen she look healthy. fly high baby angel.”

user3950680079803: “As. medical professional who works in neonatal unit, this is the Most painful Scene to watch, seeing babies take thier last breath.”

Ishay: “me also, i thought my 13 yrs old boy was sleeping in my lap.”

Annie Changa: “I believe in capturing moments because u never know it’s going to be ur last so.”

annmarie0745: “OMG NO NO POOR BABY. What happened 😕 😳 so sad aweeeee.”

Enisa: “If she had pneumonia she shouldn’t be at home, why u didn’t take her to the hospital? She could have been saved.”

madiha rana: “we have become senseless as have enough time to capture moments but dont want to do our best to save our loved ones.”


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