Mother expresses anger after discovering daughter's bikini photo online, stating, "If my son brings this to me, I will tell him to forget about the girl"
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Nigerian mother expresses intense frustration as she confronts her daughter over a bikini photo posted on social media.

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In a circulating video, the mother confronts her daughter, questioning why she appeared almost naked and had the audacity to share it on the internet for everyone to see.

The daughter defends herself, explaining that she was at the beach, and her attire was appropriate for such an outdoor setting. The mother, however, remains shocked, insisting that it doesn't justify her daughter posting it for the entire world to view.

“You posted your body like this for the whole world to see? If my child brings a picture like this to me, I will tell him to forget about the girl. What kind of bathing suit made you display your body like this? Didn’t your friend advise against it?” the mother interrogates.

Undeterred, the daughter maintains that there's nothing wrong with her bikini photo, asserting that her male friend who took the picture has no issue with her sharing it on social media.

Watch the video here