Married Nigerian woman cautions ladies to avoid greeting husbands
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A married Nigerian woman, Nnenna, has issued a warning to women about greeting other people's husbands, after a Facebook user shared how she was warned by a woman on her street to stay away from her husband, despite only greeting him politely in passing. The Facebook user asked for advice on how to avoid the family entirely, fearing that her greeting may have been misconstrued. 

Reacting to the post, Nnenna expressed her agreement with the warning, stating that she too would not tolerate any woman being too friendly with her husband. She emphasized the seriousness of the issue and warned others to respect the boundaries of marriage, stating that people already know not to cross her boundaries. The warning has generated mixed reactions from social media users, with some agreeing with the sentiment while others criticized the possessiveness and insecurity behind the message.

“Please help me to post in the group and hide my identity. There’s this man from my street (the wife is here but I don’t know if she’s an active member) the man is someone is friendly, I do greet him very well wherever I meet him even when he’s with his wife.

Just all of a sudden, the wife came to warn me to stay away from her husband. Now where I need advice is how to avoid the family entirely, should I stop greeting the man on the road?? What if he asks why I don’t greet him again, it’s not that we had any issue. The man is very responsible, I don’t think he will even have the thought of asking me out”, the post read.

Reacting to the post, Nnenna noted that she also would not tolerate another woman greeting her man.

“Stop greeting people’s husbands. Even me self I no like any woman close to my husband. Nah serious warning go end am. They all know me,” she wrote.