Man sparks attention by taking on the burial challenge, burying himself alive in a coffin for 7 days in a record-breaking attempt
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An American man, widely known as MrBeast (James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson), recently undertook an extraordinary challenge by voluntarily burying himself alive in a specially crafted coffin [/b]for an impressive duration of 7 consecutive days.

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This audacious stunt was MrBeast's attempt to surpass his own prior record of 50 hours, set two years ago in a bid to raise awareness about deforestation.

The gripping venture unfolded in a video shared on his YouTube channel, showcasing MrBeast dressed in a suit, white shirt, and tie, holding a bouquet of red roses as he prepared for an entire week beneath 20,000 pounds of dirt.

The 25-year-old philanthropist confessed that this undertaking was the “scariest thing” he had ever attempted.

The specially designed coffin featured provisions for sustenance, ensuring MrBeast had access to food and water throughout the challenge, albeit severely limiting his movement. Inside the coffin, cameras and lights were strategically placed to monitor him continuously, while communication with friends above ground was facilitated through walkie-talkies.

As the week progressed, MrBeast encountered physical challenges, including back pain due to prolonged periods of lying down, raising concerns about potential blood clots.

Yet, he emphasized that the primary struggle was mental, marked by moments of emotional distress, occasionally alleviated by the humor of his friends.

Despite the inherent risks, MrBeast triumphantly completed the 7-day burial challenge, eventually being dug up.

In a video capturing the climactic moment, he described feeling a rush of blood as he stood up for the first time.

MrBeast concluded the video with a cautionary note to viewers: “Please don't try this at home, lol.”

Watch the video below;