Man shares heart-wrenching story of how his uncle's wife made him a housemaid
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This is a sad story of a young man who lost his father and had to move in with his uncle and his wife. The situation turned out to be worse than he expected as he was treated like a housemaid by his uncle's wife. She sacked the house help and made him take over all the chores in the house, which included releasing the dogs, peeling and grinding the ingredients for cooking, washing clothes, and driving her daughter to and from school. She also prevented her husband from giving him money or buying him clothes, accusing him of being responsible for the family's financial problems. The young man suffered emotional and physical abuse, which included being slapped, accused of being a bad luck and dragged to church for deliverance. 

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Despite all these, the young man did not give up on his dreams. He took up an internship, did all his admission processes by himself, got admitted into the university, and started his own businesses. He now provides for himself and his family and hopes to do better. 

It is important to note that the young man did not do anything wrong to warrant such treatment. He was well-behaved and hardworking. It is unfortunate that he had to go through such abuse, and it is a reminder that some people use their power and influence to exploit vulnerable people. It is important to speak out against any form of abuse and seek help when necess


“After my Dad’s sudden death in 2011 that I had to come to Lagos to live with my uncle whose Wife showed me Shege!

1)Sacked the House help, Asked me to move into his room which was a BQ separate from the main building. “We can’t have Bro TOBI here & still be paying a maid” she said.

2)I automatically took over the work of the Maid and she added some extra ones like Releasing the dogs once every one goes to sleep(dogs that used to be in Cage 24/7)I alwys had to wake up to a messy compound No thanks to D Dogs who wud’ve pooed all over and destroyed flowers etc.

3)I was new to Lagos then bt that didn’t matter to her, She’d take me to Mile 12 & make me knw all she gets her stuff frm & asked me to memorise all of them as I wud be the person coming there henceforth. A Bus almsot ran me over the day she sent me to mile 12 when I missed my way!

4)Whenever we cooked Moi-Moi,Of coz I was the one that did all the peeling, Grinding and all, She only had to scoop into leaves or nylon,She wud pack all the Bones and fish heads into some of them, Use toothpick on them so as to recognise them when serving.Yeah,Those are mine.

5.She stopped her husband in so many occasions from giving me money or stuff until that one learnt to start giving me behind her. No matter how plenty the clothes were, I had to wash them twice. I had counted 110 pieces of clothes before and I washed all of them twice!

6. She stopped Her husband from paying for school bus to pick and drop her daughter, She said I could do that so no matter how tired I was or Busy I was with work, I had to leave everything to take the girl to school and to go bring her when they close. I had no time for myself.

7. I èven chop slap sef, can’t remember the details but she slapped me once(Not her first tho)she don slap one my Uncles before too who happens to be a younger brother to her husband. She’d serve me bones,I once caught her using spoon to test a meat that has bone inside the pot.

8. She stopped her husband from buying me Christmas clothes, She asked him to give me one of his old shoes and if at all he wants to buy me clothes, It should be Native as jeans and shirts would be too costly ( she knew my uncle’d take me to where he shops where a shirt is 35K+)

9. My Exit started when she started accusing me of being behind her husband’s financial crisis then, That I was a bad luck. She’d wake me up and drag me to a church nearby during early morning service even tho I just started getting some sleep after so much work the previous day.

10. I traveled home to get some necessary documents to be used for my admission processing when my uncle called my Mum around 1am that she needed to take me to MFM so they cud “wash my head” and do deliverance for me. he said he wud pay for it. My Mum started crying nd I woke up

11. At last, I didn’t come back to Lagos, My uncle packed all my stuff into two Ghana-Must-go bags and sent them to me via Bus. My Hope of having someone that’d sponsor my Education dashed before my eyes. Guess what? I stood up, took up an internship with Jumia, Did all my

12. Admission processes my self, I entered UNILAG, Came to Lagos, Started @LegitGadgetsHub , Later on @LegitGistz and some other minor hustles. In my own little way, I Now provide for myself and my siblings and widowed mum While studying and I pray I get better.

Let me add this for anyone thinking I did something to warrant the treatment. I’m a Proper home boy. My Mum trained me well, I do chores very well without being asked to,I cook very well, I did very well in that sector. As for the aspect of me being wayward, It wasn’t the case I’ve never smoked or taken alcohol up till now,I don’t know Football, I am an introvert, I no dey comot ,Back at home it’s alwyas from my school-church-house so how I go come reach Lagos nd start doing what I didn’t do at home.

I didn’t overstep my boundaries. I was always @home! Meanwhile, I once had a session with @ISWISPodcast on my Dad’s death and messy polygamous family. This short story is the Aftermath of my Dad’s death. I want to talk more on this. So I can heal and move ON. Let’s have a Part 2 of that PodCast please 🙏

I forgot to add that I was Using Nivea body lotion when I moved there,My uncle asked One day so he could buy for me and I told him it’s Nivea. She said “Don’t start using Nivea Bcs you’re now in a rich man house oh, Better stick to sweet mother or Vaseline”..I can’t forget that🥺

Through out my stay there, Whenever she was going out and it’s going remain only me at home, she’d ask me to coman take whatever I need inside and lock the main building. till now I don’t understand her reason for that. She didn’t do that Sha whenever her own Siblings are around.

I single-handedly ( with the help of God Almighty) Processed my admission into UNILAG all the way from Ondo, I was admitted on merit and my preferred course sef. I ran to Twitter for help with Funds. I remember @OgbeniDipo sent me 25K and some people on his TL. I Will never 4get.”