Man, 30, shocked as girlfriend of over 2 years, whom he planned to marry, is revealed to be his biological sister
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A 30-year-old man has taken to social media to seek advice after discovering that his girlfriend of over two years is actually his biological sister.

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The revelation reportedly unfolded when the man and his alleged girlfriend received invitations to their father’s funeral.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, took to Reddit forum to share his heart-wrenching story, detailing the unexpected turn his life had taken.

According to the man's narrative, they had been discussing marriage and had recently moved in together, their relationship seemingly thriving.

However, everything came crashing down when the man’s biological father passed away, prompting the attendance of his girlfriend at the funeral.

It was during this event that they both realized they shared the same parentage.

In his words;

“Background: Me (30 M) and the girl (24 F) met over two years ago via mutual friends and we hit it off great, after a year we entered a relationship and just two months ago we moved in together. We have our differences and our little fights like everyone but really, everything has been wonderful, to the point where we were discussing marriage.

Both of us were raised in the foster system, I was removed from my household when I was 10, she was around 7 so we’ve always had this in common and been able to confide in one another about this.

Recently: My biological father passed away which meant little to nothing to me since my foster father adopted me and has been absolutely great.

However.. The woman I am with also received an invitation to the funeral because its her dad also. She's already packed up her things and is staying with her best friend.

This situation is so screwed up I honestly didn’t believe things like this could happen. I’m torn.. I really am, I felt like I loved this woman, I thought about our future together and now I don’t know what the hell to do. We have crossed the line physically and when we tried to talk about it she broke down and started crying, she won’t speak to me anymore…”

See below;

A 30-year-old man has been left reeling after discovering that his girlfriend of over two years is actually his biological sister. The shocking revelation came to light when both received invitations to their father's funeral, leading to an unimaginable turn of events that has left the man seeking advice on social media.

The man, who chose to share his story anonymously on a Reddit forum, detailed the progression of their relationship, which had included discussions of marriage and recently moving in together. However, their world came crashing down upon the death of the man's biological father, as it was revealed that the woman he had been romantically involved with shared the same parentage.

In his poignant post, the man expressed his disbelief and inner turmoil, grappling with the shattered reality of their relationship. Both having been raised in the foster system, they had bonded over their shared experiences, making the revelation even more devastating.

As they navigated the complexities of their newfound familial connection, the woman has since distanced herself from the man, seeking solace with her best friend. Despite their emotional turmoil and attempts to discuss the situation, communication has broken down, leaving the man feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed.

The heart-wrenching story has captivated the online community, sparking a wave of sympathy and advice for the man as he navigates this unprecedented and emotionally charged situation.

As the man seeks guidance on the next steps to take, the Reddit forum has become a space for support and reflection, highlighting the profound impact of family revelations on the intricacies of relationships and personal identity.