Male teacher wins hearts by using salary to cook and serve food to students, video goes viral
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Ernesto Okyere Frimpong, a young male teacher hailing from Ghana, has captured the hearts of many through a heartwarming act that recently went viral. This dedicated educator, stationed at Asokore Mampong in the Ashanti Region, decided to make his students' last day of school before vacation extra special. How? He utilized his own hard-earned salary to prepare a delicious meal for them.

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In a touching video that swiftly gained immense traction across various social media platforms, particularly TikTok, Mr. Frimpong showcased his culinary skills as both a teacher and a chef. The video depicted him cooking a mouthwatering plate of fried rice right on the school compound, while his eager students eagerly awaited their surprise treat.

Ernesto Frimpong's incredible speed and agility in preparing this delightful meal were evident, leaving viewers truly moved by his selflessness and dedication to his students. As of the time this report was compiled, the heartwarming video had garnered over 357 likes and 20 comments, all filled with praise and admiration for this remarkable teacher.

Netizens Reactions...

@user3393793531677 expressed, "Good job bro Prophettess."

@Angela Samuel conveyed her gratitude with, "wonderful man thank you."

@Junior commended Mr. Frimpong's multifaceted skills, noting, "Modern teaching de3 you should be having some skills."

@Queen Paloma offered her blessings, stating, "God bless you sweetheart."

For those interested in witnessing this heartwarming act of kindness firsthand, the video is available below:


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