“Leave your wife and date me” – Nigerian lady begs Israel DMW
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The fan, Tacha, who found himself embarrassed in a viral video, has taken to social media to release a press statement. In the statement, he requests a public apology from Tacha after a recent incident where she seemingly removed the hand of a fan taking a picture with her from his waist. Tacha shared the video on her Twitter page, captioning it with "I just couldn't lol," drawing criticism from many Netizens who accused her of choosing to embarrass the fan by posting the video.

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The man, identified as @iamozbit, who was offended by Tacha's actions, posted a press statement on his page addressing the viral video. In his statement, he explains that he was unaware of the video and clarifies that Tacha had asked for a quick photo backstage, which he willingly agreed to as he was assisting as a stage manager for the show. He expresses surprise that Tacha didn't communicate any concerns at the time. He describes the situation as an attention-seeking move on Tacha's part and highlights the impact on his mental well-being, mentioning calls, defamation, and risks to his image from various sources, including brands and his workplace.

The statement concludes with a plea for Tacha to understand the gravity of the situation and a request for a public apology to address the impact on his reputation. The fan expresses anticipation for Tacha's prompt response.

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