Lady questions why men lose good women who make a mistake and cheat
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A young Nigerian lady sparks controversy by questioning men on their tendency to easily give up on a good woman who mistakenly cheats on them. The query, shared in a video on social media by @anthessa2018, delves into the complex decision-making process of men after experiencing infidelity.

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According to her, it is rather uncalled for to lose a good woman for unintentionally cheating while emphasizing how hard it is to find good women.

She further recommended how pulling the partner closer with a warning can simply fix the relationship rather than end things.

In her words;

“Why do guys lose good women because they mistakenly cheated on them? Why? You want to let her go because of a simple mistake that we all know is a normal thing in our life? you forgive her and say okay baby, don’t do it again. Where do you want to find another good woman?”

Reactions as lady urges men to consider forgiveness when a good woman mistakenly cheats

nwaorao siad: “Colos is not good for everybody. She should have had enough water and rest after taking some, before coming to create content.”

topgee1204 quizzed: “which one be mistakenly cheated again😂…U moan abi u no moan…preeq comot wen u put am back?? 3rounds na mistake…Oghene😂.”

kvng_casie noted: “Mistakenly Abi you’re mad ni 😂😂😂.”

schooles100 siad: “I forbid you and your generation because you’re bad influence self to children werey omo.”

cyril_unusual stated: “So u mistakingly went to a guy’s house, una knack, u cùom…… Then say it’s a mistake….. U must be m@d 😂😂😂.”

therealbiggcheeze opined: “😆😆😆😆 She slipped and fell with her p around a d 😆😆😆😆 If she can do it once she will always be able to do it again 🙄.”

Watch the video below …