Lady gets dumped by boyfriend after sharing video of him washing her underwear
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A young Nigerian lady finds herself single after her boyfriend ends their relationship due to a video she posted on TikTok showing him washing her underwear. Identified as @joy_wealth4, she initially shared the video praising her boyfriend's gesture as an act of love. However, the clip quickly went viral, drawing widespread criticism towards the man and sparking a debate on social media about the appropriateness of such content.

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In the aftermath, Joy tearfully shared a follow-up video revealing that the backlash from the viral clip led to her boyfriend ending their relationship. She displayed screenshots of their chat, illustrating his decision influenced by ridicule from friends and colleagues who had seen the video.

Seeking reconciliation, Joy appealed to Nigerians for support, emphasizing the duration and significance of their relationship.

Reactions as lady gets dumped for posting video of boyfriend washing her underwear

Responding to the incident, various individuals expressed their opinions on social media. User dimplesamaka joked about the awkwardness of seeing a family member in such a situation, while carphy_flinks expressed disapproval of the girlfriend's actions and sought to contact the boyfriend for unspecified reasons. official_leczy criticized Joy for sharing the video, questioning her respect for her boyfriend, while callme_khadie condemned her lack of consideration for his feelings and potential embarrassment among family and friends.

The video embedded below captures Joy's plea for reconciliation with her boyfriend.


you people should help me beg my boyfriend, he has blocked me and he’s not talking to me. @yabaleftonline @GossipMillNaija @instablog #viral #fyp #emotional #bf #boyfriend #relationship

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