Lady declines marriage due to boyfriend's unusual surname
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A lady had a sudden change of heart regarding her decision to marry her boyfriend after discovering his peculiar-sounding surname. This unexpected turn of events unfolded during a conversation on WhatsApp, where she sent him a voice note candidly expressing her discomfort with the surname 'Ikpu.' She confessed that the name not only baffled her but also struck her as humorously unusual.

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She added that she cannot stand being called ‘Mrs. Ikpu’ by people when they get married.

Quarreling couple.

They lady insisted that he cannot marry him simply because of the surname.

In a voice note responding to her, the man known as Chibike reminded her that It’s him she’s marrying and not his father’s surname.

Reactions have trailed the post …

@Sheisprecious🥰💯 stated: “If u no go change your surname i no marry oo😂😂which one be ikpu..haa😅”

@OFFICIAL_SPINOZA💠 said: “How pastor wan take call am inside church 😩”

@Precious ❤️ reacted: “You can answer chibuike as surname nah😂”

@Princess Evy 😩❤️🥹 said: “If you come be teacher your students will show you shege 😩😩😂😂😂😂😂”

Listen to the audio below …


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