Lady causes buzz as she’s spotted ‘having fun’ with school son in elevator
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A recent video shared by user @narnarh_ama1 on X has ignited online speculation as netizens ponder the nature of the relationship between a lady [/b]and a young man she affectionately calls her ‘school son.’

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The footage, capturing playful moments in an elevator, has become a topic of discussion, with social media buzzing about the potential depth of their connection.

In the video, the young man engages in lighthearted banter with @narnarh_ama1, who playfully labels him her ‘school son.’

“Me and school son who likely wants to eat. Always making me laugh,” the lady remarked.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when the young man leans in for a peck on her cheek while she's engrossed in her phone.

Another scene shows him playfully holding her backside, prompting a smile from @narnarh_ama1.

The intrigue deepened when @narnarh_ama1 posted a picture of the young man with his face covered, revealing that he is “single and searching.”

However, numerous netizens resist accepting this narrative, suggesting that the duo might be concealing a romantic relationship.

Despite the young man suggesting that they “look good together,” @narnarh_ama1 dismissed the idea in a humorous manner.

Netizens Reactions...

@lumilionrez commented, “When he starts seeing someone else now. Na that time ur jealousness go de come out. De play.”

@DebonairDoctor expressed, “I just pity understanding boyfriends.”

@First_alphas opined, “You actually want to be with him, your laugh and chemistry say so, He just isn’t there yet.”

@a_light_piece humorously stated, “School son ~ besties ~ lovers ~ couples ~ parents ~ grandparents. I’m here to support you through your life journey with him. You both actually look cute together.”

@ChiemerieUdeze questioned, “School son. Bestie. Best buddy. Just a friend. All these and you chose to be understanding boyfriend?!!”

@cyril_klevs predicted, “His confidence will definitely get him a taste in the future.”

@French__bae humorously remarked, "Haha these school sons are now taller and more masculine, and they can worry like this oo.”

@RealJhene urged, “Give him a chance, you guys look great together.”