If you worry about your woman's earnings, you're not a real man – Saida Boj
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Nigerian feminist, Saida Boj [/b]has expressed her perspective that men who express concern about their partner’s earnings fail to embody the qualities of true masculinity, as per her declarations in a Hot Takes episode broadcasted on Pulse TV.

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During the discussion, she candidly shared her belief that regardless of her own financial status, upon entering into a relationship, she perceives herself as financially disadvantaged.

In response to inquiries regarding the appropriateness of disclosing income levels before marriage, Saida Boj staunchly defended her stance that her income remains private information, indicating that any man seeking to ascertain his partner's earnings falls short of fulfilling the role of a man according to her standards.

Saida Boj[/figure>

The subsequent reactions from various individuals on social media platforms reflected a range of opinions. Black Coffee expressed disgust, asserting that his gender and accountability are akin to parallel lines, indicating his strong disagreement with Saida Boj's viewpoint.

Ayomilekan attributed the responsibility not to Saida Boj but to the platform granting her the opportunity to air her views publicly.

Joswal ridiculed individuals who lack financial means yet attempt to dictate relationship dynamics, sarcastically remarking on their audacity.

olamijuwon expressed exasperation at the state of affairs, questioning the circumstances that led to such perspectives gaining prominence.

Fxiii countered the feminist viewpoint, invoking religious beliefs about the roles of men and women, suggesting a different interpretation of gender dynamics and relationship responsibilities.