Heartbroken father discovers none of his children are biologically his after 51 years, expressing a desire to sue for a full refund
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A heartbroken father shares the devastating revelation that, after 51 years of marriage, none of his children are biologically his. In a viral social media video, an American man expresses the pain of falling victim to paternity fraud, accompanied by a poignant account of the circumstances that led to this discovery.

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The accompanying image,

, captures the emotional turmoil of the father as he narrates his story.

The revelation unfolded when his brother faced a kidney-related issue, prompting his two sons to undergo a test to determine if they were potential matches. Shockingly, the test results revealed a paternity error, indicating that neither of the two boys was biologically related to him.

Sharing his life-altering experience, he urges young individuals to take paternity tests seriously. Furthermore, he discloses plans to initiate divorce proceedings against his wife, expressing the desire to legally disentangle himself from a marriage built on deceit.

The heartbroken American father expresses a wish to identify the biological parents of the sons he has raised for 51 years. His intent is to pursue legal action to reclaim every dime spent supporting the two boys, now aged 42 and 40.

In his own words, he states, "I have been married for 51 years, got two sons; 42 and 40, and I'm still supporting them. They did a test to find out if they got a kidney good enough for my brother and found out something interesting, they ain't my kids; they're somebody else's."

The TikTok video, linked @kevinwesleygenie, encapsulates the emotional journey of this heartbroken father as he grapples with the shocking revelation. The clip provides a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the challenges he faces after 51 years of marriage.