Four Years Later, Woman Seeks Forgiveness for Wrongfully Accusing Boyfriend Abroad, Leading to Loss of His Properties
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A shocking revelation recently unfolded, where a Nigerian woman confessed to having allegedly framed her boyfriend, who was living abroad. This ordeal resulted in the loss of his permanent residency status and all his properties in Nigeria.

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This revelation came to light during an interview conducted by a content creator. The interview exposed a complex conflict between the lady and her ex-boyfriend, who had been in a relationship for five years before parting ways.

The woman had sought out the content creator to discuss the challenges she was facing in her life and the need to seek forgiveness from her former partner. Without revealing many details, they proceeded to the ex-boyfriend's residence, where the truth came to light.

The visibly upset man recounted his harrowing experience. He had returned to Nigeria for some business dealings, only to find himself in police custody for nearly six months. During this time, he discovered that his girlfriend had allegedly betrayed him by providing false information to the police, which led to the confiscation of his properties and the ruin of his life. Furthermore, he lost his permanent residency status abroad.

In the lady's defense, she argued that her brother had been arrested with a firearm, and the police had coerced her into providing information about her boyfriend in exchange for her brother's release.

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