Criticism mounts against a man for dyeing his infant's hair
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A young man has sparked outrage after a video surfaced showing him applying dye to his infant's hair at a salon, accompanied by a group of friends.

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The disturbing footage, which has gone viral, depicts the man holding the baby down while one of his friends applies the dye.

This video has enraged many netizens who believe it is very dangerous and unethical to subject a baby to such.

Here are some reactions to the video below

owomide256 stated: “Arrest the father, the barber, the videographer, the lookers, arrest everyone!!!”

luxe_by_cheedee opined: “And the mother might be the one holding the camera! 🤦🏽‍♀️”

chyddo claimed: “This is why we have so many irresponsible parents cos they didn’t attain that age yet before becoming one, age still has so much to do with intellectual development.”

mimi4grace added: “If the authorities don’t arrest this man and every one involved and also take the baby away from him that means this county have a really long way to go 🥲🥲”

ademolaadebayo_ said: “The baby’s head isn’t strong enough for this rubbish”

ebosexy asked: “What if that dye entered the baby eye. He’ll abandon the blind child with the mother right?”

you.square wrote: “There is a need for the government to have a body that regulates child bearing in this country. All the hospitals will register. So when an underage girl gives birth, the child should be taken away from her. This is just painful to watch”

Watch the video here