Childhood friends reunite online after years apart
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

In a touching moment, two primary school [/b]best friends reconnected on Twitter after being separated on a bad note many years ago. One of the friends, @somto_Ihezue, shared their story on the platform, reminiscing about how they lost contact in primary school. Somto recalled being 7 years old when his mother suddenly enrolled him in a new school, where he was immediately admitted into class. He recounted how his friend, Danny, went to the extent of sneaking into the new school to see him, only for Somto to pretend not to recognize him, leaving Danny heartbroken. Since that day, they hadn't seen each other until now. Fortunately, Danny stumbled upon Somto's tweet and expressed his own search for him over the years, reflecting fondly on their shared memories. Somto's heartfelt apology and nostalgic recount of their childhood adventures, including sliding down a dangerous erosion site, struck a chord with Danny, who reciprocated with equal warmth and humor. Their exchange on Twitter and subsequent chats revealed the depth of their friendship and the joy of reconnecting after so many years. Below are the screenshots capturing their emotional reunion:

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