After a 15-year wait, a woman tragically loses her twin babies to a church
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After 15 years of infertility, a Nigerian woman finally conceives twins but tragically loses them after opting to spend days in church when her water breaks, as shared by a doctor on the microblogging platform X, @King_pearcee. The woman's journey from infertility to pregnancy seemed hopeful until she experienced premature labor, leading to the devastating loss of both babies. Instead of seeking immediate medical attention, she reportedly chose to stay in the church for five consecutive days, only seeking medical help afterward, resulting in the heartbreaking outcome.

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zizelle_: “💔💔 How do we separate religion from common sense?”

FunmiKolz: “This is heartbreaking. I pray God comforts her and her husband.”

LEXYtee_mark: “Some1 I knew been looking for a child for years, around 2010, she was pregnant and always on marathon fasting, she will break the fast with food without salt. The baby died while she was given birth, till now she never see pregnant again.”

idong_udoewah: “The “Pastor” or whoever TF is in charge of that place should be arrested. She doesn’t have a husband? Omo, I’m just so pissed reading this right now 😡.”

Uyoyoghene_: “I don’t even understand people. Even Jesus gave unto Caesar what was Caesar’s. In Ecclesiastics, the Bible said there is time for everything. God is Omnipresent! Anywhere you pray He will hear. Why do people practice religion like this? This is just so so sad.”