A woman seeks advice on her family trying to sabotage her marriage
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A married woman seeks guidance on managing the excessive financial demands her family members, including millions of naira, a car, and more, are placing on her husband. Writing to a relationship adviser, she shares the challenges her family's demands have posed since their relocation to America.

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Expressing concern, the woman notes that her family contacts her husband directly without her knowledge, making substantial monetary requests. Despite her attempts to dissuade her mother, the emotional manipulation of her "eating the fruit of her labor" persists.

How my family members ask for money from my husband without mercy

“How do I handle this issue? I got married to my husband in March 2022, and we both relocated to America in April last year, where we now have a four-month-old baby.

My husband, the only son in his family and wealthy, is frequently contacted by my elder brother for money, having called him three times in the past week alone. Last month, my sister approached my husband behind my back, asking for 1 million naira to open a tailoring shop. In September last year, my husband opened a provision shop for my mom in Benin, which closed down in December. My mom insisted he open a foodstuff business in January, and just yesterday, she requested a car, citing her age. When my husband declined, she called me, emotionally asserting that she's merely enjoying the fruits of her labor.”

The woman's mother-in-law, also residing in America, has advised her to intervene with her family and emphasized that her son has done enough for them. Seeking a resolution, the woman seeks advice on how to prevent her family from jeopardizing her marriage.