A woman expresses distress as her boyfriend consistently introduces her as his ‘wife’ to friends, yet hasn’t proposed to her
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A woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, has taken to social media to express her vexation regarding her boyfriend's habit of referring to her as his “wife” in various social contexts, despite the absence of a formal proposal or engagement.

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In a candid revelation, she shared her mixed emotions regarding her partner's repeated assertions of their marital status, especially among his circle of friends and acquaintances.

Despite being in a committed relationship for several years and jointly raising a child, the woman disclosed that her partner has yet to take the decisive step towards official matrimony.

The issue came to light when she discovered that her boyfriend had been informally labeling their relationship as married, leading to misconceptions and false assumptions about their status among others.

In her detailed account, she expressed her concerns and outlined the complexities of their situation, including their mutual desire to marry, his reluctance to propose, and the pressures of their busy lives.

The woman described various instances where her boyfriend referred to her as his wife, both in private and in social settings, eliciting discomfort and apprehension on her part.

She candidly shared her internal conflict between appreciating the sentiment behind his words and grappling with the implications of their unofficial marital status.

Furthermore, she articulated her concerns about the potential implications of his casual remarks on their future, including fears that he may never initiate a formal proposal due to his current perception of their relationship as already married.

Seeking advice and validation, she questioned whether her concerns were justified or if she was overreacting to the situation. Additionally, she pondered the best approach to broach the subject with her boyfriend without causing undue distress or misunderstanding.

Accompanying her narrative were screenshots of her online conversation, illustrating the depth of her dilemma and inviting feedback from others on the platform.

See the screenshots below for the full context of her message: