A Nigerian woman deceives her boyfriend by saying she has no appetite, then secretly indulges in fufu and vegetable soup with a side of coke
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A Nigerian lady stirred up a conversation online when she fibbed to her boyfriend during a phone call, claiming she hadn't eaten and lacked appetite, all the while secretly indulging in a meal of fufu with vegetable soup and sipping on coke.

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The incident unfolded in a video shared on a popular social media platform, where viewers witnessed the exchange between the woman and her boyfriend.

Lady lies to boyfriend about appetite, secretly eats fufu and coke.[/figure]

Despite her claim of having not eaten all day and lacking appetite, the video clearly depicted her relishing a plate of fufu and vegetable soup, accompanied by a refreshing coke.

The scenario prompted discussions on social media, with many weighing in on the dynamics of relationships and honesty in communication.

See some reactions below:

🥰🥶Amarachi Favour: “If this my guy no send me food money I go hold una cause why una go dey cast update like this.”

Plutoking: “No refund for relationship make my guy keep pressing money jare.”

BIG BRYAN: “Me ask girl what did u eat or have you eaten no be me.”

WALTER👍BHAWG: “Me how are you doing she am fine talk don finish I no Dey ask have you eaten.”

Sweet~Mina: “casted… no wonder my babe no dey reason me again anytime I tell am say I never eat.”

c.h.i.l.e: “Some of Dem go tell you say try and eat for me or else I will get angry at you.”



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