A Nigerian man seeks online help after discovering his wife's favorite channel is WWE, expressing fear
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A Nigerian man has expressed fear while seeking help online after discovering his wife‘s favorite channel is WWE.

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This is contained in a video he shared on his social media page on a popular platform.

Man seeks help online as he discovers wife’s favorite channel is WWE.

In the video, captioned “Your wife’s favorite channel is WWE,” the man shows off his wife’s face and her intense focus while watching the show.

Seconds later, his face appears as he rants about how a woman, his wife, could love such shows when there are other shows suitable for women like her.

During their conversation in the living room, he asks her what her favorite channel is aside from wrestling or WWE, and she responds by saying she has no other favorite channel.

She goes on to mention the times when different types of fights or events related to wrestling are shown on TV, which further shocks the man.

Shortly after, the man leaves the living room, goes into another room, and begins to rant. He can be heard saying, “How can a woman love wrestling, love fighting? She doesn’t watch Telemundo. Every time, I love wrestling; that’s my favorite channel.”

His statement and the scene shown in the video, as well as his wife’s love for wrestling, attracted attention on social media, with many individuals taking to the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Joy_cilicioux: “I finally found my sis…it can only be wrestling for life 😅😂

Erika sunflower sagay:  “FC I love ur wife ❤️❤️I wish woman can do more of this.”

🐰💞🦋♥️😘: “she dey learn tactics Incase u misbehave,she go put u for ground , give u wotowoto 🤣🤣🤣🤣 me love wrestling too.”

ONYINYECHUKWU: “everybody for comment section dey watch wrestling..who come dey watch zee world.”

Mhizdorcas: “This is so me. WWE is my favorite channel.”

Babe❤️ Girl: “This is how my kid sister influenced my parents.”

peculiar028: “that’s my favorite. It’s fun to watch.”

G.E.M_Cakes: “Me n your wife could be bestfriends. That’s my fav channel.”

Rita Asalasa: “my best channel in the world ,my family and friends done tire for me.”



Make this woman no go beat me for house one day #fyp #trending #foryoupage #wwe

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