A Nigerian man experiences embarrassment from his mother in front of his crush at church
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A Nigerian man recently posted a video showcasing his mother embarrassing him in front of his crush outside the church premises.

Identified as @edward_ice on TikTok, the man was engaged in a pleasant conversation with the young lady when his mother abruptly intervened and dragged him away by the ears in a humiliating manner, leaving the lady visibly surprised. She also issued a stern warning to her son after pulling him away.

The video prompted various reactions from netizens, with opinions diverging on the woman's actions:

@user2382509092438 remarked: "You're lucky she didn't give you 50 naira as offering money."

Onyebuchi George questioned: "How do you convince your mom to do this?"

Jesus joy94 shared: "I can't stop laughing because I'm a mother and I can do this too."

oluwaviki suggested: "Later she'll be the one bothering you about your fiancée."

Ziggy humorously added: "My mum would tell the girl, 'If this fool impregnates you, it's not my responsibility.'"

@Emeka042 reminisced: "My late mother would say, 'Okra doesn't grow taller than the person who planted it.'"

Susu vine quipped: "It's fortunate she didn't give you leftover funeral rice and call it dinner."

You can watch the video below:


Why can't she just leave me for once?😭😭😭😂😂 #fyp #viral #relatable #churchcrush #hotboy

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