A man was arrested after causing three men's genitals to disappear by touching them, leading to a gathering of onlookers
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A trending video online shows a man apprehended by a crowd after reportedly magically causing their manhood to vanish upon shaking them. This unusual incident was reported by a lady who bore witness to the scene and disclosed that it occurred in Abuja, Nigeria.

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In the video making rounds on the internet, the alleged culprit, a young fair-skinned man, was captured and paraded by a crowd of people. This peculiar occurrence has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Crowd gather as man is caught.

In the video making the rounds online, the alleged culprit, a young fair skinned man, was caught and paraded by crowd of people.

This has sparked mixed reactions …

@michealrex935 reacted: “Them collect my guy preeq last two months for this same abuja. guy no play o…abj dey hot at the moment. no more tax collector, na preeq collector😂”

@Omoye Otoide stated: “Why you sef dey shout like say na you get the preek wey dem vanish 😒🤦‍♀️🙄😂😂”

@Hadassah ❤️ said: “No be new thing nah come calabar nah every day 😂😂😂”

@jackgodstime🌴 inquired: “E don reach Abuja?? , i tink say na only for kogi e dey happen..😥”

@itzkmon7 chided: “Camera woman, mama one job them give you l, just one job😓🥺💔”

@Mildred said: “Exactly what’s happening in Calabar rn for the past one month 🥺”

Watch video below …