9 dead in hotel attack in Somali capital – Police
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Photo from USnews.com

Security forces in Somali on Monday ended an assault by al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab fighters which left nine people dead in a hotel attack in Mogadishu.

A police spokesman said a suicide car bomb exploded on Sunday and was followed by a shootout between al Shabaab militants and security forces at the Hotel Afrik adding that the fight lasted into early Monday.

Sadik Ali told reporters from the scene via Facebook that “the operation is over now. Nine people including four attackers died and over 10 civilians were injured. There is no electricity.’’

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said in a statement that among those killed was a former military general, Mohamed Nur Galal.

“I condemn the barbaric attack. May Allah have mercy on all those who died. General Mohamed Nur Galal, will be remembered for his over the 50-year role in defending the country.’’

Al Shabaab has battled since 2008 to overthrow Somalia’s central government and establish its rule, based on its own harsh interpretation of Islamic law.

It carries out regular gun and bomb attacks in Mogadishu and elsewhere in Somalia. 

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