Dremo - STFU
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Yeah, codename, una no fit, eyin melo

I'd put you nigga on payroll, my squad are charged up but una battery dey low and my gbedu na like doro, it must enter well
Igboro gats to feel am, e be like garri e no need promo, me i dey kill am, normal, mo le nu bi pon pon pon
Tiktok then boom like c4, imma beat up like place you can't come fuck up and get beat up, left, right, beat like a motherfucking talking drum, drum
God knows i got blood flows, period some of these niggas going in like a tampon
I do me bi eni to n jo soapy, ball hard, mehn no coach can coach me, I’m an animal, quote me cos I'm the greatest of all time, they calling me goaty
Won ni pe omo ijobon, the boy is stubborn
omo Ibadan, omo Ibadan, I’m dripping like water but y'all see me spit like a dragon
Talking trash, i no fit rap, I’m only tryna get cash, so i heard if i sing I'll get everything if i snap my finger in a flash
So when you're talking about whose the best rapper in africa, leave my name outta mouth
please, leave me to focus on the thing wey dey put food for my mouth
Silly, better get ready when I'm at it when the gang put the money in the bullion van
Cashed out, we're about to step out, put them in the motherfucking Honda when they draw my man
this fuck, will never give it again, how do you tap out of a one night stand
Top of the year like a motherfucking addict tryna save money
never pay attention to your ideas, coz we never buy it, nigga
I fear what i am becoming, nigga everybody want me, hater wants me dead, fans wants me here, girls asking if I want head, now I'm feeling like I'm wanted
See, when i get up there, I will never sleep up like a bunk bed, when you hear doorbell, if you no open up, we go bomb there
Let me this one clear, if they take shot, we go gun them for forehead, now I’m blown like (?) weed pissed off, mehn i gats to weewee
I’m taking a leak, your lyrics be making me sick, that's why I'm taking it P, when they say you be the shit, really you taking a piss like literally, my shit is heavy i don’t think you ready
Generally, thank your shawdy for me coz she came first like January, just got served like your food is ready
Jiggy Daddy, you already know, think about it whose the baddest tho, me and dogs, back seat of my Mercedes receiving Eddy Murphy, yo
While una dey gossip, dey talk shit im busy winning trophy, yo and if you really want this (?) first of you need to learn how to roll, bitch
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