Drama as Mide Martins’ step brother, Damilare Peters rejects her invitation to have him in custody
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Damilare, brother of Nollywood actress Mide Martins has turned down her recent offer of having him in her custody.

Kemi Filani reports that Damilare is the son of late actress Funmi Martins allegedly had for Afro juju star Shina Peters.

Rejecting her offer in a video released hours ago, the teenage lad said he is not ready to move in with Mide because she has not called nor catered for him in the past 19 years.

“I have a declaration to make about the talks making rounds that I am planning to move in with some people. I am not ready to leave where I am living now because this is where I grew up.

“Because of what is going on now, somebody that has not called or catered for me in the past nineteen years has called me this morning to tell me she is my sister and she wants me to come live with her. I want to declare now that I am not ready to move in with anybody because I am okay where I am now,” he said.

Damilare added that changing homes is not his priority at the moment rather he needs funding to further his education.

“Going to live with anybody is not what I need now but how I will go to school. I want to gain admission, graduate successfully, and venture into the entertainment industry. The things my late mother was not able to achieve in the industry, I want to go beyond them. That is my ambition and I pray that God helps everyone that promised to support me to be able to fulfill their promises,” he said.

Kemi Filani recalls that Mide Martins offered to take custody of her brother on February 21 after receiving heavy backlash on social media.

She said, “Hello Everyone! My name is MIDE MARTINS. I’ll like to tell little part of my own side of the story. Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed greatly to the ongoing issue and also apologize sincerely to everyone that I might have hurt or disappointed in any way I am deeply sorry from the depth of my heart.

“I didn’t want to say anything about this all the while because I believe it’s a family issue which should rather be settled amicably between ourselves rather than being dragged on social media. Anyone who knows me very well would know that I am a private person.”

She also added that she had tried to take custody of Damilare but was denied.

“I had requested custody of my brother familiar several times even before grandma died but was denied. Damilare is my blood brother It is not possible for me to neglect him but there’s much more to this story than you all know which I’m sorry I will not go into details about because it’s a family matter.

“However, I just want to ask for a favor!! Can Damilare be finally released to me? Can I have my brother Damilare? I promise to take good care of him in my own little way may God help me so. Thank you, everyone!! God bless every family out there!,” she wrote.

His father Peters, has also said he will be responsible for Oluwadamilare on February 19.

“I would like to thank all Nigerians in the Diaspora. I will be turning 64, so I should know the right thing to do. On the issue of Oluwadamilare, from the beginning, there were a lot of controversies, but as an elderly person, I don’t want to discuss that. I have put it behind me. My concern now is how we are going to take good care of Damilare.

“In the past, I had sent my driver to Abeokuta Ogun State) several times but they did not allow my driver to see him. When Damilare’s guardian, Baba Deji, called me, I was not in the country. I told him I would call him when I got back. In the process of waiting for me, this story came out,” he said.

Funmi died in 2002.

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