Crew member give details of Clarence Peters whereabout when Kodak died
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One of the crew members of the popular music video director, Clarence Peters, has disclosed that the video director wasn’t around when video vixen Kodak died allegedly at his house.

Clarence Peters is currently under detention with Lagos Police Command over Kodak’s death which occurred via electrocution.

According to the crew member, Clarence wasn’t around when the incident happened at his studio, not his house.

He wrote:

“We looked back to see what happened and saw a spark on LD’s phone lying on her chest, we rushed to her to see that she had been electrocuted,”
“We carried her somewhere safer, tried to revive her, she was responding with gasps, her colleague was calling her name, I went out to call for help, then Clearance was notified
“After first aid, we carried her in a car and went to the hospital in the estate, they wouldn’t even open the gate.
“We moved to another hospital, finally, the doctor came and checked her and said she was dead….”

Meanwhile, Clarence Peters’ girlfriend of 14 years has reacted to the treatment he’s receiving from the Lagos Police Command.

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