Check out What Burna Boy Said On Twitter That Has Been Causing Stirs Among Wizkid Fans
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Burna boy recently won a grammy award for his album, this made many Nigerians celebrate with him and interestingly, he was quite subtle about the award in the first few days. However, it didn't take long for us to get our Burna boy back. Our dangerously blunt, outspoken, and straightforward Burna boy. 

Getting our Burna boy back means getting back lots of controversy along with it, after all, it's burna and he has never been a fan of the Twitter wars. 

In his recent tweets, Burna boy has come out to rant about his grammy winnings and he believes those who prayed for him not to win, were fools. Of course, Burna boy wasn't at all shy to say these words, he stated his opinions clearly, without mincing words. The tweets clearly express his anger and perhaps vengeful attitude that has become a "gloating and mocking session". 

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The singer seemed to have been referring to those who wished that he didn't win the award, fools while also subtly gloating about his award and how significant his "will" to win was instrumental in his winning. 

This wasn't his only tweet, though he had initially given all glory to God, saying that "God is indeed not a man". What then follows seemed to have been an insult for all those who never shared his dream. 

What got some Nigerians on Twitter wasn't his initial tweet which preached self-belief and consistency, what got them was his tweet where he claims that he " did it on his own". An immediate response to this tweet, said "No one does it alone" a tweet from a Twitter user which seemed to have been advised from an honest fan. 

People have since linked the tweet to Wizkid, claiming that Burna was perhaps talking about Wizkid when he claimed that "he did it on his own". Since Burna boy won the grammy award alone through his album, and Wizkid Won in affiliation with Beyoncé, people have assumed that this is an insult to Wizkid's name. 

Trust Wizkid fans to immediately come for the singer while bringing in conversations anywhere they call him " a snake" in a series of tweets and replies. Of course, we can't be sure Burna boy's tweet was in any way about Wizkid not winning the Grammys alone but if there is anything we have learned from Twitter, it is that Wizkid fans will never joke with what looks like an insult to their favorite singer. 

So far, as at the time of writing this, the conversation on Twitter is raging on and it's been 70% percent of Twitter against Burna boy who they have tagged proud. 

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Really wish all the big artists can come together and do an album..omo I'd be happy till death. One Love mehn
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