BREAKING: Burna Boy set Twitter on Fire with Reekado Banks role
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This is too ash for someone like Reekado Banks, why Banks? "Worthy Challenger"

The table leg has finally be broken, so should we all eat from the floor or stay hungry?

I thought forced retirement merely occur in #WrestleMania but just got to find out it also practical in the Nigerian music industry.

Burna Boy on Twitter war with Reekado Banks #AskBurnaBoy

See the gist and let us know your take on this issue...

The Odogwu was asked by a fan if he was to go for a hit music battle with any Nigerian Artist, who would that be?

Odugwu replied by saying!!!

He doesn't really know what a hit battle is but he is willing to go toe to toe with anyone worth challenging in Lyrics, Music, Physical, and however they want it. 

Reekado Twit in by saying I'm game that energy, let's get it.

Burna Boy responded with a teaser that sounded like go and retire, lolz...

The question is left for you to answer now, Who is better between Burna Boy and Reekado Banks?

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