#BBTitans: Nelisa, Blue Aiva and Olivia fight dirty (Video)
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Three BBTitans housemates, namely Nelisa, Blue Aiva, and Olivia, broke one of Biggie’s rules by engaging in a dirty fight.

On Thursday night, the dispute was sparked when Nelisa overheard Blue Aiva and Olivia talking about her. The fight took place during the evening party, which was organized to celebrate the housemates’ victory in their wager task.

Nelisa confronted Blue Aiva and Olivia after the party, stating that she had overheard them talking about her. Nelisa became angry and demanded that Blue repeat what she had said about her, which ultimately led to the fight.

Fortunately, other housemates intervened promptly and prevented the altercation from escalating.

Watch the video below …

Reactions After The Fight;

geestylez29 wrote,

“As long as my khosi is not involved.. M at peace… God of khosi… God will definetly set a table for u in presence of ur enemies.”

crochetb._  added,

“Let them fight now! Aren’t you all there to win? The less the better Abi?”

enna__ameh wrote,

“Ehen! I wan see how biggie go handle this disaster. Whether e go disqualify 6 people, i wan know. Make show kuku end!!!!”

craftyhandsevent wrote,

“Why will it be one???? They both fight eachother, so they are getting disqualified together. South Africans and violwulence. Mstcheeeeeew. Make Una sha no use Una own implicate Yemi and Kanaga. But wait what’s Olivia own. See the way she was pushing nelisa.”