Yul denies marrying Judy, stating they were only acting in skits, according to May's lawyer
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May’s legal representative discloses details from Yul Edochie’s defense, asserting that he claimed his association with Judy was solely for skit-making and not a traditional marriage.

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Mr. Ugwuonye, representing May in her divorce case against Yul, had submitted a divorce petition, accusing Yul of bigamy—marrying another woman without May's knowledge.

May Edochie.

Yul denies the existence of a traditional marriage with Judy, likening their connection to skit-makers like Sabinus.

May initially considered pursuing legal action for bigamy, a serious crime under the law. However, fearing Yul's potential remand in jail, she opted for divorce and also sued Judy for adultery.

In his defense, Yul contends that the alleged marriage to Judy is fabricated by the blog Gistlover, aimed at tarnishing his image for social media traction and financial gain.

Yul Edochie and Judy Austin.

May’s lawyer points out that the skit-making between Yul and Judy has resulted in the birth of two children, with a third on the way.

The allegations by May Edochie against Yul and Judy, along with their responses, are detailed below:

"MAY: Petition (10) xviii. The Respondent (Yul) left Lagos for Enugu the following day, 21st of April, 2022, a Thursday, and on Sunday, the 24th of April, 2022, the Petitioner found out again on social media (Gistlover Blog) that the Respondent was performing traditional marriage rites with the Party Cited (Judy) in her hometown in Anambra State as at when the information was posted. (The Petitioner shall rely on the said publication at the trial of this suit.)


YUL’S RESPONSE: The Respondent (Yul) categorically denies paragraph 10 (xviii) of the petition and states that the said Gistlover blog publication was false and fueled by gistlover’s enterprise in fake news and chaos. Since the news of the birth of the Respondent’s child with the Co-Respondent in June 2021, Gistlover, as a negative blog that thrives in fake and manipulated information for financial gains, has been negatively exploiting every movie or skit featuring the Respondent & Co-Respondent and generating social media traffic for financial benefits therefrom. The Respondent hereby puts the Petitioner to the strictest proof thereof.


JUDY’S RESPONSE: The Co-Respondent (Judy) categorically denies paragraph 10 (xviii) &(xix) of the petition and states that the said Gistlover blog nevicationas. There was no traditional marriage ceremony between the Respondent and the Co-Respondent (Yul and Judy) on the 24th day of April 2022 or any other date whatsoever. The Co-Respondent hereby puts the Petitioner to the strictest proof thereof."

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