Woli Arole discusses the diverse facets of power while sharing insights on his connections with women embraced during a prayer session
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Renowned prophet, Woli Arole, issues a response to critics questioning his prayer session practices, shedding light on his relationships with the women embraced during the deliverance.

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The spiritual leader faced criticism earlier for his unique approach to praying, deemed unacceptable by many internet users.

Woli Arole.

In response, Woli Arole defended his methods, explaining that in the spiritual realm, individuals operate in various dimensions.

Contrary to public perception, he disclosed that the women he embraced were not strangers but rather his wife and sister.

In his own words:

“I see a lot of people comment about me hugging the women. So the fair lady is my blood sister, and the other lady is my wife. There are dimensions to power!!!!!. Different people operate in diverse dimensions!!!!!!!!. So I can hug my wife and pray for her; I can hug my sister and pray for her!!!!!”

Check out his post below: