Upcoming artist embarks on a 29-day journey from Delta to Lagos to meet Olamide
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An aspiring artist named Tbaddo recently completed a remarkable 29-day journey on foot, trekking from Delta to Lagos with a singular goal—to meet the renowned music producer Olamide.

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Originating from Ughelli, Tbaddo embarked on this expedition on January 12, driven by the desire to connect with his favorite rapper, Olamide Adedeji. The 27-year-old artist firmly believed that meeting Olamide was the key to achieving success in the entertainment industry.

Tbaddo expressed his conviction that having Olamide contribute a verse to his unreleased song, 'GuoGuo,' would catapult him to new heights in the music industry, emphasizing his confidence in his musical abilities.

Nigerian artist and music producer, Olamide. source: Google

Speaking passionately, Tbaddo remarked, “I see that people in Lagos do not value what they have. Look, Olamide is a spiritually bad man; the problem is he only helps Yoruba people in music. Come close to Olamide very well and look at his eyes—tell me what you see.”

“Olamide is the only person that can propel me in the music industry. If Olamide jumps into your song, just forget about promotion; you've made it,” he added optimistically.

Tbaddo shared insights into his survival strategy during the challenging journey, highlighting his departure from Delta with minimal finances. He credited his ability to endure the trek to prudent budgeting and sustained energy from bottled drinks.

However, the young musician revealed that he is grappling with health issues due to a lack of adequate shelter. He expressed that if Olamide does not fulfill his wish, all his aspirations would be shattered.

“I only had 4500 with me when I left for the journey. Right now, I only have 700 with me here in Lagos. Hmmm, I have nothing to do. I better die than face the laughter of the world. Because right now, people's eyes are on me. I know Olamide will not like to tone me down. But if he does, we leave the rest for God,” Tbaddo explained emotionally.